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hey people. this site ahs been great for me. i write poems now to show how i feel. or express how it would feel. i love to write poems though many might not be very good. if u wanna check out some of my work go ahaead but i am warning you some might not be very good. its not like it takes me like days to think of this, i just think olf them up on the spot:P.

o and if u need advie on anything i am here. i am good at giving advice. i have been though alot and if i havent been though it i know somebody who has so i can help you if u need somebody to talk to. it makes me feel like i have a reason when i help people. LOOK AT MY MOST RECENT POEM "MEEK"

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  • She twists, she turns
    she cant sleep at night...

  • Was it ever really here
    will it ever come...

  • This poem is called veronica. because it describes...
    I Freaking hate my sister...

  • I thought he liked me
    who knew that was lies...

  • Meek (9)

    He said that he loved her...

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  • It may be hard to find a lover
    but its even harder to find a true friend

    14 years ago
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  • Once we begin life, we have already started dying

    14 years ago
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  • Trying to forget somebody you love is like trying to rember somebody you never knew!

    14 years ago
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