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I was born jan.25
Im an Aquarius and I been interested in poetry since my sister started and i was 9.I think whats make a strong poet is experience with the subject their writing about, you can relate better.Recently i been having a block from writing so i will be back with fresh poems!!I am pregnant at the moment thats why I haven't been on or writing new poems!!!

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  • I hate you,
    but i dont.
    i loved you,
    but i wont.

    you cheated,
    you lied.
    you said you loved me,
    and i cried.

    i want you,
    but i dont.
    i cant,
    i wont.

    13 years ago
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  • Love what i thought it used to be.
    Now that i see clearly it was only lust taking over me.

    15 years ago
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  • Dont give me a flower
    to say you are sorry.
    I want to draw blood so give me a knife.
    Then I know next time you do something I dont like you'll think twice!!!!

    15 years ago
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