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  • The phone rang, and my life became a fairy tale.
    His voice, absent for so long, sent chills through...

  • I wonder if I'll ever learn. If ill ever have the...
    I never wanted to be a girl, never wanted to be...

  • I don't think of him too often these days.
    I rarely glance out the window in the hopes of...

  • In five days, 10 hours,&3 minutes, it will be...
    A year since the night you sent that letter that...

  • Thinking of him makes me smile, all the time
    and thats where the hatred comes from...

Latest Quotes By Falling Again

  • Smile, so the tears wont fall. Laugh, like you don't hurt at all. Fake it so he'll never know..that you still haven't let him go.

    11 years ago
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  • Only two things are infinite, the Universe, and human stupidity, and im uncertain of the former


    11 years ago
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  • No one falls in love by choice,
    It is by CHANCE.

    No one stays in love by chance,
    It is by WORK.

    And no one falls out of love by chance,
    It is by CHOICE

    12 years ago
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