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Well what can i say to mortals..I love rock and thats all that i hear..vampires rock..yes is interesting...yet a pain most of the time..and yall dont have to be afraid of me.
well actually im very friendly and need to fear the unknown..u never know the unknow could actually end up being more helpful then what one thinks...
p.s : add me in
but ppl if yall want to add me know that i dont add strangers so tell me who yall are first and maybe then we could be friends

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  • The darkness in me,
    Is overshadowing the good...

  • The darkness in me
    overshadows the good...

  • I feel very confused
    could it be... that I'm being used...

  • Walking hand in hand in the cold dark street
    we view the world now through different eyes...

  • Room (3)

    A darkened room,
    a lonely girl...