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*Hullo- I\'m me. Yay. If ya wanna dis me n the way I am I dun really care jus know where I come from first- then we\'ll see how you judge me.
*I write poetry to let anger and shtuff out. I guess, sometimes it\'s just--- there.
*I have a boyfriend at the moment so don\'t even bother trying to hook up with me... I DUN CHEAT!!
*I have red hair, blue eyes, im tall, im sorta goth/skater-chick/punker/grundge lookin... lovely huh? yea not really.
*I like to play guitar, skate, write, and I\'m not only in love with a special someone, but I\'m in love with SINIGING too... if ya wanna chat and I\'m not in the room, jus email me at danie22nfm@hotmail.com

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  • LET'S PLAY CARPENTER: first we get hammered... then I nail you!!

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  • True love never dies...

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  • I could be the drug you can't resist.

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