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yes i know i havent posted many poems lately but hey school just started up and im trying to balance school and colorguard and my home life...its all so dramatic..somethings alwas happening and i just dont have time to post. i do have plenty of poems just waiting to be rated and read so stick around.
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Latest Poems By ♥£♂t♂∟ΩkI§§♥

  • Beyond the love held in my heart
    Past the warmth against my hand...

  • Speak (1)

    Far inside my troubled heart
    A secret lies, so deep and dark...

  • Saved (1)

    The tattoo wrapped around her wrist
    Read "I've been here, I did this&quot...

  • Her tears keep falling to the floor
    As his sins keep begging for more...

  • Broken (1)

    This dream, This place
    So many mistakes...

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  • Love's pain is my heart's shackles

    14 years ago
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  • Remember when a guy sweeps you off our feet
    that your in the perfect position to fall on your ass!!

    this was one that a friend told me, i honestly dont know where it came from but it is soooo true!!!
    no credit to me please!!!

    14 years ago
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