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I haven't been on this sight for so long... months even, so I haven't put very may recent poems on here... but check out some of my stuff.... its alright, maybe not the best, but hey, some girls get feelings out through journals, i get it all out through poetry... so, enjoy

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Latest Poems By Bloomed Rose

  • You're not interested as far as I can see
    You've ignored me but now want my sympathy...

  • Guilt (2)

    Dont' give me these mixed messages
    I don't want to play your game...

  • This are lyrics I wrote... they sound quite a bit...
    (verse 1...

  • There's a reason I'm not talking
    You know it's my broken heart...

  • Lying in the dark
    I try containing my pain...

Latest Quotes By Bloomed Rose

  • Hope rests around every corner, but you're never going to find it unless you change your direction.

    9 years ago
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  • If I stop thinking, maybe it won't hurt so bad...

    12 years ago
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  • Four weeks can seem like a year
    That's how it felt when I knew you weren't here...

    12 years ago
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