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Im quite opionated but I love to read and write poems. I probably talk a little to much but I can be quiet... sometimes. High School can be hell sometimes, but whatever. I live in cali, with my 4 parents. (mom, step dad, biological dad, and step mom). I dont like to stero-type, but i would consider myself a punk/ hippy mix. I love to be bare foot, and I love listening to music, cuz its basicly my life. I also love to read, and I do that quite a bit too. But thats enough about me, and anyways if you want to know more about me you should just read my poems or message me. Umm Yeah I guess thats it.

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  • Age : 16
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  • Country : USA, California
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Latest Poems By Dreaming of Screaming

  • The rage of loneliness practicaly perspired out of...
    yet no one noticed him...

  • I was gone,
    but only for a while...

  • My jaw is locked,
    I'm stuck in this position...

  • Tired eyes,
    Minds awake...

  • I don't know why he drank those boose,
    He died with everything to lose...

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  • Have a greater belief in yourself then anyones disbelief....

    15 years ago
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  • The real problems are invisable, it's the solutions you choose that people recignize...

    15 years ago
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