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hi ya
my name is lorna malone
i'm 21 years of age and from england
i've always enjoyed writeing,
it's my outlet for my feelings,
i have many out looks on life and mottos
but my all time fav is live each day as it's you're last and another is
To whom are you to judge we are our own makers no one can judge someone.
life is what it is why try to change it it makes us who we are,
i hope you enjoy reading my poems and quotes and if you feel theres room
for improvment please tell me
i just believe if you feel something say it or show it
tho i've recently learned,
if you don't do just this you can miss the best oputunitity of your life
and my latest poems are about just that
so i look forward to hearing you're thourts and ideas

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  • To whom are you to judge we are our own makers no one can judge someone

    16 years ago
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  • Live each day as if it's you'r last

    16 years ago
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