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Hey Everyone. Here Are My Poems, It Started Out Just By Doing One For Fun And Then I Got Hooked Because I Found Writing Them To Be A Great Way To Just Release All My Emotions Into Words So Everyone Could Know How I Was Feeling. Hope You All Enjoy Them.

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Latest Poems By Emily Strickland

  • I can feel the waves of tears crashing.
    The sound of my heartbeat pounding...

  • I know I'm still young,
    and I've got lots of time to grow...

  • Look around at the world thats spinning.
    You take a glance but it's moving too fast...

  • This new town, this new world,
    has brought along many changes...

  • If I knew that would be our last kiss
    I would have kissed you a little harder...

Latest Quotes By Emily Strickland

  • Im Sitting Here Trying To Convince Myself That Your Not The One For Me, But The More I Think The Less I Believe It And The More I Want You Here With Me

    19 years ago
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  • The Hardest Thing I'll Ever Have To Do Is Turn Around And Walk Away Pretending That I Dont Love You..

    19 years ago
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  • How Far Do I Have To Go To Make You Understand, I Wanna Make This Work So Much It Hurts But I Just Cant Keep On Giving, Go On Living With The Way Things Are So I'm Gunna Walk Away And Its Up To You To Say How Far...

    19 years ago
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