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My name is victoria. Im a small town girl with a big imagination. Ive being writing a little over six years now and am currently working on my first book titled "Saftylock". Ive been through alot in my life from my parents divorcing to every single one of my grandparents dying to self-harming myself but with every dark situation ive managed to keep on living. People may look at life in either black or white but i choose to look at life in grey. I am neither weak nor strong but human.Writing is my passion and helping people gives me satisfaction.So if one is ever in need of talking dont hesitate to talk to me. I dont if you wish to know more just message me or just look through my poems. I hope you enjoy=]

Please comment and rate my poems...ill do the same in return.

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  • "we are nothing more than fallin angels trying to earn our wings and fly"

    11 years ago
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  • Poetry are the words left unspoken.

    13 years ago
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  • Love is like a huricane,it can distroy your intire world!

    14 years ago
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