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heya, i am 15 years old, i really like to write poems, eventhough they are bad, but i have a hard time showing people, i am afraid that they will make fun of them. . . but you guys are poets too so i am not to sketchy. i hope that you like them. . .so please comment so i know what to do to make them better.

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  • Never let go of the person you love for the person that you like, because the person that you like will leave you for the person that they love, then you will have nobody, stay with the person you love!

    14 years ago
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  • Can you please look at a letter i wrote, i want to give it to give it to a guy. . . to read it search for a "letter of my love for you. . . should i give it to him" and it is by Brittany please comment

    14 years ago
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  • If a guy really likes you you will know it, but if he sees through you, for an easy pice of ass, you really cant tell all that much, expecially if you really like him, then for sure he will take advantage of you. . . . . . be carefull girls!!!

    14 years ago
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