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Hey guys, I guess everyone has their own story; the reason they write- here's mine...

In December 2004, I was raped on the streets of Soho, Central London. My story featured on BBC's Crimewatch in Feb 2005, and was reapplealed [following the unexpected discovery of some CCTV]-in April 2006. Despite this, and numerous leads, my rapist has yet to be caught.

My darker poems have been born out of this level of anger, hatred, confusion- and at times- complete and utter despair.

I felt I could fight with my pen- fight someone I did not, and may never, know- yet someone who had spun my world in to orbit and left me disorientated in the aftermath. A stranger who had maimed me.

If you do read my poems, [particularly If Only I Could See You] I hope you are not distrurbed, for this is not my intention -[although admittidly I do sometimes haunt myself with my own words!]

Please feel free to add comments- they will be greatly appreciated and I will respond where possible.

Much Love


PS. Despite this, I am generally a happy person and prefer to see myself as a survivor rather than a victim... cheesy but true xx pps. i'm a true believer that us girls need to stick together... i am constantly inspired by so many talented writers on this site... if anyone wants to chat please feel free to contact me. xx

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  • Burn me.
    Burn me with your tongue...

  • Float like a butterfly,
    Sting like a bee...

  • With your strength
    You can buy my body...

    Fate changed me in ways...

  • I close my eyes,
    You're inside of me...

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  • If the eyes are the windows to the soul
    Then you can see right through me.

    13 years ago
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  • I am guilty of nothing; including innocence.

    13 years ago
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  • I am guilty of nothing; including innocence.

    13 years ago
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