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Hi my name is Chelsea. i joined this site because i love reading quotes but the famous ones get old here all of them are what you think. i like that because you guys are around my age and know what i'm going through a lot of the stuff you have to say helps me a lot. ok....other things i love to are dance. i have danced for twelve years and am stilling going. i also love to go boating,four-wheeling,and snowmobling.

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    I read all your qoutes here and you all seem to be...

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  • I love you my be words we all don't hear enough but that just makes it more special when you do hear those three words

    12 years ago
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  • When he came back i was so excited...then i found out it wasn't him is was the biggest jerk i ever met and now he wants to be friends

    12 years ago
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  • Do all guys only want one thing or do they really like you?

    12 years ago
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