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I'm not going to say I will never hurt or upset you because the chances of that occurring say that I probably will. I will make mistakes, and i'll break promises I make. I'll make you scream in frustration or hurt at me and make you not want to stand with me anymore. But even so, I will always learn from my mistakes and I will never give up on us. I will always apologize, even if it takes awhile. I will always love you. I'm not perfect and I guarantee you I never will be. But I also don't want to be dishonest and promise you things I can't keep and know I can't .I'd rather show you my faults and try to make up for them. Honestly, I'm probably the most complicated person to understand. I'm indecisive, I can like one thing then hate it the next. The only thing i'm consistent in is the fact that once I care about you, I never quit. I'm hard to deal with, i'm stubborn and hard headed and I love to argue. I can be a complete sweet heart or a total pain in the butt. I don't curse, I don't drink, I don't smoke and I don't do drugs. I love animals and children and i'm overly protective for people I care about. I get jealous, and I am quite random. I'm quite the work in process and i'm too forgiving. I push people I care about away and i'm a total wreck sometimes. I can love you more than anyone else can though. Some called me an "old soul." I'm book smart but I tend to lack common sense sometimes. I'm ever changing.

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  • You're like a drug, without you I feel a craving so strong it's painful.
    But with you, the high is short lasted.
    I'm neither miserable nor happy.
    I'm simply lost in your presence.

    8 years ago
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  • Either he Dont Know,Or He Knows An Just Doesn't Care.

    13 years ago
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  • When i loved you you didnt love me... but now that im moving on your starting to love me.....

    13 years ago
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