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I'd jump infront of a
gun for anyone because I believe no one deserves to die.

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Latest Poems By Never Let Go

  • Come back to me
    come back once...

  • In pain i find compassion
    in anger i find peace...

  • It would be nice to know. That after you have lost...
    You can get it back...

  • Trust me im not coming home
    ill leave this f**ked up family and never look...

  • I rip myself apart from the inside
    The breath slips down my throat chokes my lungs...

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  • I want to hurt you, just as bad as you hurt me.
    But i never will, because my love is stronger than my hate.

    10 years ago
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  • Ive been on auto pilot for to long
    now i just want to feel the burn

    i want to laugh sunshine, i want to scream sorrow

    11 years ago
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  • Its time for you to know that this is the end. This is where ive crossed the line. Dont try to follow me. Soon you'll end up being who you dont want to be.

    12 years ago
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