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My name is 17 and im a senior in Alaska.
I'm the artist in the family (or so im told) so i spend most of my free time writing poems or drawing. Haha that is when im not on the phone or hanging out with friends.
Since im a senior i have a lot of time on my hands so...I write just about all my poems in school.
If you read a few of em you will see...that im just a lil girl full of hope. Most of my poems consist of a love sure many have felt this 2. Oh and a very small portion is about religion...this is a strong matter that many people fear to grasp, admit, or just plain listen... so i thought that i'd write poems that contain what i feel on the matter or what i question. If you disagree on what i believe...feel free to explain what you feel/felt when you read my poem(s).
So anyways I'd love it if you left a comment or rated any of my work, i'll do the same back. Thanx.
haha sorry about samantha g its just a friend and shes having fun. sorry if it bothers you. and no im not bi. im straight as a tallywacker

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Latest Poems By Marylou L

  • You bump against a stranger.
    you smile and say excuse me...

  • You had a girl, but you knew me.
    you left her but not to claim me...

  • Theres so many problems
    so many things...

  • So many drugs
    such a small party...

  • Share all your worries for the cost of a dime.
    Dont worry, i'm sure you'll be just fine...

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  • I reach for the stars, but i keep on slipping. try as i might to grasp that light. i fight to hold it

    14 years ago
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  • Fight crime, shoot back

    14 years ago
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  • I poke wolverines with spoons

    14 years ago
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