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I really adore reading quotes n writting short stories especially when sth touches me i can't help but express it in my own words then reading it over n over again while bursting in tears b4 i start talking 2 anyone n that makes me feel better...
i believe that every1 takes what he/she deserves n that everything should take its time b4 u move on..n when u move on u shall never ever think about second chances!

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  • When i retire i'm going to spend the evenings by...
    going through those pictures and remembering your...

  • Give me something to live for ,hang to ,dream...
    a tomorrow that shines my life after a long dark...

  • You've always been good to me,
    you've always been true...

  • You fear bad guys ,they're everywhere,with their...
    You fear love words,they're too much on your mind...

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  • When you come 2 the edge of the light and you are about 2 step off in the darkness of the is knowing that 1 of 2 things will happen ,there'll be sth 2 land on or u'll learn how 2 fly!!!!!!!!!

    14 years ago
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  • Luving you is so easy 2 do..why can't you just luv me??

    14 years ago
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  • If the majority of population is wierd, ..doesn't that make wierd normal????!!!

    14 years ago
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