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Life is a journey, not all of those you meet will be there for the duration. But no matter the length of their stay, never forget they all have a purpose in your journey or you had one in theirs. Above all, follow your heart and never give up on love. Always stay true to your heart, even when its scary as hell!

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  • We started out so well,
    Had so many laughs...

  • The day you said those words,
    I never wanted to hear...

  • I've tried so hard in so many ways,
    To move on...

  • This pain is just too much,
    I dont know how to handle this...

  • Let me in,
    Thats all you have to do...

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  • Let me in,
    Thats all you have to do,
    Just let me in,
    Open that door just a little,
    Let me in.

    9 years ago
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  • When its this painful, theres no doubt that its real.

    9 years ago
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  • Life is tough,
    Nothing worth having is easy,
    But when your heart and soul ache every day,
    And you can't figure out,
    How to fill that hole,
    It pulls you down,
    Deep into the dark,
    Further and further every day.

    9 years ago
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