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hey there's really nothing much to say...im a cool person and i love poetry...its music from the soul...i'd like it if you wouldn't mind sharing your opinon.....but yea u can always hit me up if you have any questions or jus wanna talk...my poems are very personal and every singal one of them mean somthing to me....so yea thats just a little info about my poems....hit me up bye......

love always

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  • They argue back in forth while their little girl...
    they'll yell loud and violent things while each...

  • The wind hits my face and the cold breeze blows...
    why am i doing this you ask..well because you...

  • I've witnessed something beautiful that very few...
    I'm in love with an angel and with his wings i see...

  • 11:11 (1)

    The clock hit 11:11 and i made this secret wish
    for you to fall in love with me and for us to live...

  • I walk into a room with rose pedals scattered on...
    black silk sheet, red pillows and lit candles all...

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  • As you make your entrance through the door i have a look of shock on my face..i finally take a breath and put my head down knowing that my past as just become my present

    13 years ago
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  • Dont cry because it's over; smile because it happen!!!!!!!!

    13 years ago
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  • How is it that one person can take complete controll over your life????

    13 years ago
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