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Latest Poems By Erickson

  • You should fear not a man
    You should fear not a man...

  • In a world of hatred
    In a world of pain...

  • Help me believe that love will set me free when I...
    Help me see the hidden structure is there inside...

  • I take my cross as I walk on
    Knowing that you will always be there...

  • Popular faces within a world with no identity
    Nothing to reach for, somehow I belong where I...

Latest Quotes By Erickson

  • Passion makes the world go round, but Love just makes it a safer place.

    11 years ago
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  • Its time to be
    Its time to see the light
    Time to reap what you have sown
    So life can be in time
    Sweep your feet
    Love can heal your deepest scar
    Time won’t bring what you have lost
    So start to live your life

    11 years ago
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  • Faith is like a seed, once planted, who can prevent it from germinate.

    11 years ago
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