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Got the feeling of writing again and checked this account... I was so amazed it still worked (cause like its been years since i last checked this one) and so ...
I'm back and hopefully this time i won't run out of ideas to write.


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  • I sincerely thought its the end
    As i had repeated the same mistake...

  • I wish that things would go away
    and stop bothering me this way...

  • It's been days that I've been thinking
    No matter how I try to live with it...

  • I hate this stupidity that I held inside
    It only goes round and round...

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    I loved you, i wont cry... I miss you, i won't die...
    To let you go was a lie bringing tears to my eye...

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  • When all else fails, these are the "constants" to hang on to. . . 1 is GOD and 2 is ourselves and 3 is change who will always test our affinity to the previous 2.

    10 years ago
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  • I guess I'll never know 'til i try

    11 years ago
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  • "I'm not mad, just hurt... was it really worth it?"

    11 years ago
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