Favorite Poems of Biya

  • You Should Be With Me (1)

    by A Real Poet

    Baby you do best with me
    b'cuz i support your dreams...

  • Do I Need To Fight...? (3)

    by lonelyrider

    It is hard to pretend that you are really fine,
    Nor it is hard to hide the real feelings you have...

  • Tired (13) 1

    by Matt

    I am tired of this life
    tired of being me...

  • Meant To Be (9)

    by Cara

    Your hands placed upon my waist
    Our love for each other, never to be replaced...

  • Her Savior (2)

    by A Real Poet

    "Her Savior" by Nico Aviles
    Ill give her my love if it means to save her...

  • Dying Nation (10) 2

    by Lonely Rider

    Dying Nation
    Anguished, frustrated...

  • I need you (2)

    by Marly

    I need you...
    I need you more than you could ever know...

  • Falling So High!!! (15)

    by Shokry Al Qubati

    F Y I !!!
    Love is NOT to sell or buy...