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I wrote a poem... never stopped since

My heart said she would love only me,
Yet love itself cannot make her care.
For what she says to lovers, you'll agree,
It's only another poem not to believe.

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  • Fade within where the shadows lie
    Gone beyond the absence of love...

  • I miss the days we used to talk,
    About every little thing...

  • What if I said that I never cared?
    That I only pitied you when you weep...

  • You came into my life, trespassed into my arms...

  • Why does love consist in a world without any care...
    Did my fiery heart just summoned another flare...

Latest Quotes By Su

  • Softly, the end of summer
    Gives us her last rays
    To remember all the thunder
    Of our glory days
    Breaking through the clouds before us
    Glimmers her last days
    Oceans mirror
    Light reflects horizons far away

    7 years ago
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  • In the silence I can see
    That you and I will never be
    You can't be my everything
    Time away won't change a thing
    In the silence
    I've been waiting to feel free

    7 years ago
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  • I'll say it again in case you're confused
    I can't stand the feeling of being used
    You wonder how I will ever survive
    But baby I can live without your lies

    7 years ago
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