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There's something a quote does that nothing & no one else can ever do - It can become a part of you, you may never meet, or even know who wrote your life down in those words - Their own words, but that person is your companion. Quotes help you get over pain, feel loved, make you smile or even laugh on those tough days and to think you started thinking no one knew what you were going through....

I have recently found my new love & passion, for writing. I hope your able to relate to what I have to say and ultimately your positivly impacted one way or another. Writing is very new for me so I would love & appreciate any and all thoughts, comments and advice you may have for me.

Thanks for taking the time reading all that I have written :)

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  • People with the biggest hearts suffer the most...

    11 years ago
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  • Over-Thinking ruins you,
    Ruins the situation,
    Turns things around,
    Makes You Worry
    And just makes things worse than it actually is...

    11 years ago
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  • A year ago, I would've never guessed my life would be the way it is now...

    11 years ago
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