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I live in Andalusia Alabama i am 17 yrs old and i happen to be single for now I love to sing and plan to move to Nashville TN when i graduate to get a recording contract.
i hope that you like my poems please tell me what u think they are my own work so please do not steal them most of them come from real events that happened in my life. I encourage every person to follow their dreams I am following mine wherever they shall lead me..I have the bestest friend in the world Amber Palmer she does have an account xAmber Sherrell PalmerxBeauty in the breakdown so favorite her. I do live in the country but im not a redneck like most people in alabama I listen to all types of music i am a christian well tell me what you think about my poems! I really hope that you like my poems please pray for me and my future if you wanna know more please email me! oh by the way my myspace email is
I hope that all of you will follow your dreams I know that it's hard sometimes cause that is kinda what i am goin thorugh now! It really sucks but the summer is getting closer and closer so no more school! Oh and by the way don't screw around with me cause I really hate hearing crap from people but if you have something to say please leave a message!
so if ya wanna know more juss message me and also add me as a favorite!

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  • Lie to me lie to me
    take me away...

  • In the darkness i cannot hide
    the hatrid and pain will not subside...

  • Forgiveness is such a simple word
    just like a simple flower or a baby bird...

  • I moved to fast now I see
    I wanted too much of you and me...

  • I like you more day by day
    I want to tell you...

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  • You left me standign in the rain im sick im cold and alone how could you do this you white trash ho!

    11 years ago
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  • Its better to be single then tied down cause some stupid little witch will knock u till the ground!

    11 years ago
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  • Our country is dying our country is screwed the country has screwed me and you!

    -copyright- caleb hammett

    11 years ago
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