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Hi, my name is Amy. I'm 28 years young. I am a stay at home mom blessed with 6 wonderful children! Ages 13, 8, 5, 3, 1, and 6 months! I don't have a lot of time... I'm constantly busy.

I have just discovered my love for poetry. I found that writing about life and my challenges make me feel better. What I do write is based on my life experiences. I do feel I'm not very good at it and am hoping to learn some things along the way!

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  • You know, one day you'll need me
    This one day will come...

  • Peacefully sleeping, there she lay
    She's growing up too fast, she's gonna be a big...

  • Sitting here around me all I see, is the same four...
    I hear the roaring of this old fan...

  • Why would you try to destroy a little girl's...
    How in the world could everyone have been so...

  • Lying there so peaceful
    Hands folded across your chest...

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  • To be beautiful on the outside is a plus but being beautiful on the inside is a must!

    13 years ago
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