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Hey my name is really Skyler my friends came up with Der and it kinda stuck.

I am a fun person to talk to. I am great if you need someone to talk to if you need help with anything.

I love to meet new people so just send me a pm if you ever want to talk. I need help something so anyone who reads this send me a message. Please and thank you :).

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Latest Poems By DerXLoveIsDeadX

  • So many thoughts in my head
    So many nights of little sleep...

  • Nothing left but memories
    A couple broken hearts...

  • I know I can't go back
    But can I turn around to see what we once had...

  • It has been months
    Since you have left...

  • She is sitting in her room
    On her bed all alone...

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  • I never thought I could miss one person so much but then I had to say goodbye to you

    10 years ago
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  • Once again I feel for someone. But this time he caught me and said "I love you but we are not ment to be." Then he layed me on the ground kissed my forehead and said "Goodbye you will find the one for you."

    11 years ago
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  • The pain of lossing you will never go away.

    11 years ago
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