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Hi, I know its you. Stop staring.
I am always editing poems to make them flow better, and not always to the greatest effect.

I appreciate any comments that you make, and my rule of thumb is, if you read it, rate it, even if its a painful one.

I study old stories, fairy tales, myths, and epics that are all but forgotten. This is where my writing style comes from in a summed up version.

If you're wondering why I use old english in bits and not throughout an entire piece its mainly to keep something unique.

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  • When is a monster truly a monster? Or is it that man cannot fathom something worse than himself?

    8 years ago
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  • When you see a fire and you stand and do nothing. You are no greater than a fire that does nothing but destroy.

    9 years ago
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  • When I find myself in a hole... I don't look for a ladder to get out. I keep digging until I find hell.

    9 years ago
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