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Heya I'm Sedusha. I haven't been on here for a long while, but I've been here since 2004 or 2009!! I started writing my poems/writing since I was 13!! Long time ago lol. I have made pretty good friends here, and I hope they're still around here somewhere. Anyways, all of my poems aren't fake. They can tell you a story or just make you feel different kinds of emotions. I am passionate and sometimes my grammar ain't the best, but I hope you get the chance & patience to understand them=].
I am bi. I am beautiful. I am mysterious. I am smart. I am secretive. I am adored. I love my friends. I love my family. I am wild. I am mistakin for who I am quite a bit. I am weird. I am random. I love music. I love to dance. I love SHOPPING. I love my cell. I am free. I am outgoing. I wish some things were different. I don't regret like I used to. I live and learn like reading a book. I am an angel whenever I feel like being one. I am a strongwilled person. I have a secrets that I won't tell, but if it's something that has to do with my feelings for someone I keep it hidden. I know what kind of dream house I want and where it would be. I am thinking of going back to college. I am thinking of someone & writing poems about them. I am a writer. I like to help others when I know they need me the most. I am determind. I am stubborn. I am confident in some areas. I am a badass. I am a true person. You treat me with respect, I'll do that same. I can sense pretty good to how others feel & what not. I am hoping I could travel someday. I hope I'll find what I'm looking for in life and especially who to be with for the rest of my life.

"Learning is hard at times, but there's always a journey for you anywhere you go. Trust your heart, you'll find yourself happy and free."

Copywritten by Sedusha 2004-2009-2015

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  • Laying here thinking to myself,
    What would it take to take the sadness...

  • Locking together in a hug
    Is the most wonderful feeling ever...

  • Someday my eyes will open to your presents,
    and the feeling would be impossible to describe...

  • I may have made decisions,
    but your still around in my heart...

  • Going through my day
    you come in my mind...

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  • Theres not label to love.

    6 years ago
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  • "Hold my heart next to yours and know that I'm here to stay. I may have damaged your heart, but you have to know I had to leave you to find out who I am."

    13 years ago
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  • "I am a soul with beauty and a cold heart that bleeds of misery. You can't fix me, I am who I am. Face the fact."

    13 years ago
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