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i love to write about my experiences in life...
so every poem is a memory from the past ,and i'm just a normal girl i know that all my poems are a bit sad but sadness is my source of inspiration and i believe that if u taste sadness u can really appreciate anything and you'll be more satisfied in your own life .. my life is kinda boring it's not that cool but i'm happy with what i have even though i look forward to the best but what can i say i'm not that lucky ... my advice to everyone is to enjoy every single moment in your life and never waste your tears and cry because crying is not gonna solve your problems just try to find out a solution and everything will be just fine because everything has an ending :)

P.S : I just love my poems :P

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  • 2 find out that u're in love :u'll smile right away when u c him .. ur heart will beat so fast when you're beside him.. u cannot look at his eyes when u lie .. u cannot even lie 2 him

    7 years ago
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  • He hurt u ? he let u cry ? so what .. don't give a f**k and live your life !

    7 years ago
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  • Don't u ever love someone so blindly right deeply from your heart ,and always think that maybe one day something will let you apart,
    bcz if he was worthless and left you alone, you will never suffer as if u got really crazy about him

    7 years ago
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