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To live a life without a regret,

Haunts me with endless strife,

For she is one I will not forget,

For she gave me my true life.

Well I don't expect anyone to understand my quote unless you knew my past and present life lol. But it is sort of an inspiring quote to me so hey i figured i share it with you all!!!
I am not exactly a writer, but i balance it out by reading A LOT of poems, especially the love ones. Au revoir!!! 8)

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  • Your love is like your reflection,
    the more you ponder and stare,
    without a reason why or care,
    the deeper you feel this connection.

    17 years ago
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  • Although you can piece together a broken heart,
    It will never be the same as before it was torn apart.

    17 years ago
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  • The more you care,
    The more your sadness can grow,
    for when your love is not there,
    the harder it will be to let her go.

    17 years ago
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