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my intrests&expertise>>> muzic>my heart&soul< ice cream, waiting despretly for my other half, taking pictures of EVERYTHING, ponytails, moon, sunsets, twizzlers>gata luv em, eyeliner, when it rains rely hard just stand there and get wet,unicorns, wild cats, big juici lipz, braces, scary movies, long hair, piercingz, light eyez, fairys, running through sprinklers, smelling weird stuff, singing in the shower, dancing in front of the mirror, making short films, weird clothes, seeing ghosts in the dark, voo-doo dolls, dreaming i can fly, getting lost, liking boys that are taken or have no intrest in me, come home late 5hr&16min, getting grounded&in trouble, making arthur turn red, and sleep cant forget sleep!!

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  • Age : 15
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  • I want to be older not 13,
    Im having such a hard time,
    Turning into a teen!

    16 years ago
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  • You cant hurt me, unless u really mean something to me

    16 years ago
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  • I wanna guy that\'ll come,
    up behind me wrap his,
    arms around me n catch,
    me off guard just to,
    whisper in my ear...,
    "baby, youll always be in my heart".

    16 years ago
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