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I am opinionated and arrogant (that's the Leo in me), but also loving and unselfish. The truth is, I am demanding and spoiled and at times moody and insecure and I've been known to be bratty on occasion and high maintenance, wanting alot of attention. I tend to say whatever I think whether you like it or not. I can push you away and pull you close to the point where you dont know whether you are coming or going. Sometimes I just need you to take control and put me in my place. (Only my baby can do this!~)
I tend to be silly alot and play around, and have a very twisted sense of humor. But if I am honestly wrong I will apologize. With that said, I also am honest and loving and loyal. I am a woman of honor and integrity.
I am a people person and enjoy spending time with my friends and getting together to hang out and have fun. I like practical jokes and singing along with the radio (even if I can't hold a tune!). I love animals and am an advocate of the "underdog". I hate to see anyone or anybody mistreated simply for being different. I think it takes more strength to be kind and decent to others than it does to tear them down in order to validate your own weaknesses or insecurities. Anyone can insult and demean others for being different. But can you look past that and see the uniqueness of each individual? Do you have the courage to look inside yourself and recognize your flaws? Can you learn from your mistakes and grow? That is true strength. Not sitting in judgment or condemnation of someone who doesn't fit inside a little box of the accepted norm.
I practically go into cardiac arrest over ANY kind of bug, especially spiders and June Bugs.
I would like to meet people who are interested in getting to know each other, and friendship. I'd be happy to have you as a friend as long as you can keep my mind stimulated. I cant stand fake people and people who lack the ability to carry on a conversation. I also have very little tolerance for followers. Mindless sheep, is what I think of people like that. People who are so lacking in their own thoughts and opinions that they need to do what everyone else does, is pathetic. We are all special for our uniqueness, if only we have the strength and confidence to embrace it.
Updated 9/15/2011
A year and a half ago I moved to Australia from Kansas, so this will probably be quite a shock to all my friends on here. I am very happy and sorry it has been so long since I have been on here. The reason I havent been to P&Q in so long is because I forgot my password and for a long time the link to have it reset or sent to my email wasnt working and I would never get the email....not even in my junk mail. Now two years later, after periodically checking to see if it would work, it suddenly is and now I am back and so happy to be here again! I have missed everybody!
During this time that I have been gone from P&Q my mother passed away. Those of you who know me and are familiar with my life's journey will understand the impact (or lack thereof) that this is for me.


I've been writing for alot of years, since I was about 13 or 14. I've lived with a variety of different issues in my life, so I can relate to many different authors on P&Q. I am a lesbian and am a member of P&Q to share my work with others, not for a popularity contest. I have enjoyed the people that I have met, and most of all I have enjoyed reading peoples poetry. I believe the human race is self-destructive but that we dont have to be. My credo is:
*Be true to yourself. Dont be afraid to stand alone, if standing alone means standing for what you believe in.*

*Update 10/2008*
You get older and you're supposed to get wiser. That's the cliche' anyway. You only get wiser when you learn, truly learn, from your mistakes. No one tells you though that the lesson is never over, it just keeps repeating itself in different ways.

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