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the names jess--19--have the best boyfriend ever-i love him and he makes my heart happier than i ever thought possible-girls if youre looking for the perfect boyfriend-sry im dating him! cutting my hair changed mylife--no rly--cant hide the fragility behind the curtain of confidence--time to show the world what im made of =)

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Latest Poems By Jesslyn

  • Forget about the harms
    & run into your arms...

  • My phone starts to vibrate
    i look and oh great...

  • He will always be the one who destroyed me
    my heart will always have that scar from when he...

  • The metal gleams in the bright sun.
    The pebble gravel produces dust as the children...

  • We crawl into bed
    & you shrink away from me...

Latest Quotes By Jesslyn

  • "if youre in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and one of you thinks youre going to be the authority it never ends well but it always ends."
    --my professor

    10 years ago
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  • I lay beside you at night sometimes and wonder how we got here.

    10 years ago
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  • I sit here knowing you dont think of me & it kills me...

    10 years ago
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