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i like poems cause it's really kool dat u can explain how u fell in so many little words. i love writing poems but dont have any time to send it. i hope evryone like my poems n qoutes n hope u guys will leave a comment. n one more thing bout my poems n qoutes, they come from heart n through experience.
anywayss if u wanna
talk feel free to mail me.
c ya

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Latest Poems By priya

  • You promised me you would never do anything to...
    but don’t you realize now that...

  • I called to wish you happy b-day,
    then suddenly felt sad because you never picked up...

  • In the past few years i realized that best friends...
    little did i know not to trust you...

  • I liked you,
    i loved you...

  • What is life?

Latest Quotes By priya

  • Identity is what we put ourselves into,
    label is what others out us thru.

    16 years ago
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  • Enjoy your life while you can because it won't last.
    nothing ever lasts, not life, not love, not friendship...

    16 years ago
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  • You can't be me,
    you can never be someone else,
    you are yourself,
    you are someone special.

    16 years ago
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