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about me.. theres not really much.. lets just say that of all the labels that ive been labeled,, the by far most intresting is \"saracstic psycho bi..tch\"

these people are really good..

Whitney Nicole Mitchell, Hannah15, *Hell Arises*, Chris, sweetmonkeyy, Fakesmile182, mute, and last but not in the anyway least, DreamOfHappiness, elizabeth


i am who i am. stop trying to change me.

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Latest Poems By iwanttobalone

  • Wind (2)

    We danced round in circles
    in time with the wind...

  • I feel the touch of your lips on mine
    the kiss on my cheek is still there...

  • Everyone knows and everyone hates
    the drama and pain that the heart creates...

  • Why is he so blind? Can't he see?
    He means much more than that to me...

  • The anger that burns behind my eyes
    The hatred I feel building deep inside...

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  • Fool me once, shame you
    fool me twice, shame on me
    fool me three times..

    i quit.

    12 years ago
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  • ...and never let the rock die in you

    -from a dear friend.. luv ya nicole!

    15 years ago
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  • "could we but learn from whence his sorrows grow,
    we would as willingly give cure as know."

    shakespere...romeo anj juliet

    15 years ago
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