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So, it's summer break. I'm happy to be away from all the lies and rumors at CHIS. I had a happy year for the most part. It was really bad at the end though. That's why I started writing again. Please read and comment and I will return the favor.

- Allison

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  • ~Its really not that great I was just really...
    Losing control...

  • We have no control over what we feel
    Losing in this life where nothing is real...

  • Mother may I?
    You think it's a game...

  • Darkness swarms around me like a cloud of fog
    No more color sweeps through the...

  • Daddy dearest please just leave
    You're causing pain no one can see...

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  • 'You don't understand the pain that I feel - all these sweet smiles I show you, just aren't real.'

    17 years ago
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  • 'Always live on the spur of a moment, because you never know when all those moments will be taken away.'

    17 years ago
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  • Why can't a friend just be a friend, nothing more or nothing less? It would make life a lot less complicated.

    17 years ago
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