The Killer

by Mark Spencer

The Killer
By Mark Spencer

I'm tracking a killer
With notches on his gun.
And if I ever find him
His killing days are done.

His MO's been the same
Since all of this began.
And the closer I get,
the more I know the man.

He's been one step ahead
And I've stayed on his heels.
Each time he takes a life,
There's more that he reveals.

I've nearly got him now,
His days are getting short.
His next plan of attack,
Will be the plan I thwart.

I have him in my sights,
He's on the prowl again.
He found his next victim,
The hunt will soon begin.

But I arrived too late;
Another victim dead.
Though the wolf is cornered,
In the darkness ahead.

He steps from the shadows,
I'm shocked by what I see,
a grim revelation,
For the me.



Submission date : 2005-04-23
Last edit : 2012-11-22

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Rating : 4.7

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ImmortalWiccan ( C ) at 2012-12-30

Cool :)

Bryanna at 2013-01-15

OMG!!! I love it so much! i can really see what your trying to say!

Texas Battle at 2013-03-25


Roseanne at 2013-04-12

Really well done with this its great it sounds like a detective movie its great i really have enjoyed reading this one :)

Em ( F P C D ) at 2016-03-31

This is very powerful and captivating from start to end.

I love how your rhythm and flow is all the way through.


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