Old Kings

by Mark Spencer   Jun 22, 2022

It was a grand celebration!
And a royal coronation!
Who knew that elephants could sing?
They sang … and sang … for their new king!

Their old king was getting older!
With Arthritis in his shoulders.
A tusk fell off last Saturday!
Some monkeys carried it away!

So he decided to step down,
And let another wear the crown.
A practice every tribe required.
Even the lion king retired.

Both monarchs made a reservation,
At the same resort location!
A place for old retired kings!
With pickle ball, and other things!

The tribes forgot the olden days.
Attracted to the modern ways.
And like the outside world of men,
Division started creeping in.

The lions liked the fertile plain
The elephants had their domain.
The monkeys chose the jungle trees,
The bears liked caves and honey bees!

The animals stopped being friends.
They stuck to their own herds and dens.
They fought with those who weren’t their kind.
And the strong left the weak behind.

The old retired former kings,
All shared a bath at their hot springs.
They wondered what was going wrong,
Why can’t the tribes just get along?

They were not raised to act like this!
What’s happening? What did we miss?
A monkey quickly raised his hand.
“I think that I might understand!”

“My nephew came to visit me!
We talked a while up in my tree.
And what he told me hurt my head,
So let me tell you what he said!”

“Each tribe is on the internet,
They also have a TV set!
They started watching every day.
What we taught them has slipped away!”

“That’s why the tribes don’t get along!
The things they see and hear are wrong.
The human ways are creeping in!
And they’re forgetting where they’ve been!”

And so the kings devised a plan,
To show their tribes the world of man.
They started their own YouTube page!
Their videos were all the rage.

They bought some cameras and mics.
Their content got a million likes!
The tribes began to notice too!
Their message started getting through!

They posted videos of war,
Of “peaceful” rioting, and more.
A government murders the pets
Of protestors, some of them vets!

The videos are hard to view,
The eyes of tribes are stuck like glue.
And when their tears begin to flow,
The old kings smile, because they know,

They know their message was received.
The tears told them it was believed.
Man’s harmony is all but lost.
He can’t uncross the lines he’s crossed!

And no tribe wants to be like him.
The human race’s light grows dim.
And so the tribes find peace once more,
Just as the old kings did before.

For age is life’s experience,
Wisdom gained through common sense!
And when you shove old kings aside.
You cast their wisdom from the pride!

But when old kings can still draw breath,
And haven’t given in to death,
When there’s more life for them to live,
They still have wisdom yet to give.

The old kings gave themselves a wink,
And said it’s time we have a drink!
They shared a bath at the hot springs,
And raised a glass to wise old kings!


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