Ukraine’s Dirty Secret

by Mark Spencer   Jun 22, 2022

We’ve seen the images of war
Throughout Eastern Ukraine.
Their towns and cities turned to dust,
A populace in pain.

Does anybody really know
How long it’s been like this?
The war started eight years ago.
Was that something you missed?

Ukraine rained bombs upon the east,
Since two thousand fourteen!
I’ll bet, when Putin’s tanks rolled in
You thought it was pristine.

Only then was the damage done,
In war torn East Ukraine.
That’s been the nightly narrative,
They use to wash the brain!

The propaganda flowed like blood,
From sea to shining sea.
And by the time the die was cast,
They’d buried history.

But truth won’t stay buried for long,
For truth always rises.
And when it does, it often brings
Plenty of surprises.

Our politicians lied to us???
And our reporters too???
They told us Putin did it all!
You mean, that wasn’t true???

Well, some of it was true, of course.
And some of it was not!
But what is not has more to add,
To what the news forgot.

For the residents of Donbass
And regions in the east,
The horribly mistreated souls
Ukraine values the least,

They asked for help from everyone,
Obama, Trump, and Joe.
But no one intervened for them,
To end their years of woe!

The one who did was vilified,
And hated everywhere!
Perhaps that’s why nobody else,
Answered this people’s prayer.

But they also ignored the truth,
Before war came their way,
And those who have ignored their plight,
Will share this fate one day.

For they will be oblivious,
When freedom is betrayed.
The nightly news, silent again,
In this global charade.

The one who fails to seek the truth,
A lie will soon undo.
For once they lay your brother low,
They’ll set their sights on you.


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