Ghost Of The House

by Lisa

The ghost of the Manor walked in peace
Until a new family planned to move in
He decided to get up to his usual tricks
And frighten them out of their skin.

He moaned and he groaned and made thuds in the night
But the family, they didn't notice a thing
So he dressed himself up in a cobwebby sheet
And Ghostly songs he would sing

He rattled the windows and picture would fall
He made whispering noises to
He put his head under his arm,the family stayed calm
What was this little ghosty to do ?

So defeated,he sighed his last chill in the air
He dragged his bloody sheet across the floor
He packed up his bones and bowed his head
And wasn't seen at the house no more.


Submission date : 2009-11-01
Last edit : 2009-11-01

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Latest comments

Fran ( C ) at 2009-11-01

Very funny. Charmingly different. 5/5.