The Passion Of The Christ (Double Etheree)

by Bhavin

The Man
The Master
Of the Mankind
Was all He accepted
After a kiss by Judas
As a sign of his betrayal
He was stripped, flogged and mocked by the crowd
Denied thrice by His trusted aid Peter
Smiling He suffered and died for Mankind
Preaching power of love, hope and faith
Act of Selflessness, forgiveness
Helping, forgiving sinners
Such was passion of Christ
Sacrificed His blood
To cleanse our souls
He showed way
To reach


A word of thanks:
Thank You Ingrid Ma'am, for rectifying my errors, as this is the first time I am writing this form of poem. This poem is yours as much as it's mine. And thank you Kelleyana for challenging me to write a double etheree on a topic of my choice.

About the poem:
I don't know much about Christianity because I follow Jainism. I was motivated to write this poem after watching the movie The Passion Of The Christ. Whatever I write about it, is definately not going to heal the wounds caused to Jesus by us. I hope this little poem could bring a change within ourselves.


Submission date : 2009-05-08

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Latest comments

Maya aka Dream Angel ( F P C D ) at 2009-05-08


You did so well, I only changed a few things in this poem. It's a beauty and I would never have guessed that you are not a Christian:)
Beautiful dedication to our Savior, hats off dear friend!

Smiling He suffered and died for Mankind

So true, so sad:/


5/5 Ingrid

kelleyana ( F P C D ) at 2009-05-16

Bugs, you've done a wonderful job with this poem. You are talented. Keep on writing, 5/5, kel.

Sourav ( F P C D ) at 2009-05-20

I think this speaks for all the people. And it religion does not matter. Yes, all He did for us. To save us from sins. Very clear and free flowing poem. I loved it! Well done! :)

Sourav ( F P C D ) at 2009-05-20

CORRECTION: And religion does not matter.
'It' was a typo!
Anyway, you did a very good work! Very significant poem indeed!