Moccasins (Nonette)

by Larry Chamberlin

I have been in many people's shoes
and walked in them many a mile;
still I cannot claim the right
that supposedly gives:
to judge even one
man or woman;
so from me
no stone


Submission date : 2013-02-10
Last edit : 2013-02-10

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Rating : 5.0

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Latest comments

Natasha Clark ( F P C D ) at 2013-02-10

G'day, Larry. I'm Natasha. And this is my first time reading your writing. I must say I'm really impressed by how you write 'bout one should not judge other people even when you've already walked in many different type of shoes and surely you must have seen things from their views too! And also, you write down this thought of you, this expression as a Nonette which I find this surprisingly amazing! Well, at least for me. >_<

Such an inspiring piece from you, words can't even describe how much I love this piece! And I'll be looking forward to read more from you too, that's for sure! :D

Larry Chamberlin the Godfather ( F P C D ) at 2013-02-10

Thank you very much, Natasha. Nice to meet you.