Call Me When You're Sober

by AGirlWorthFightingFor   May 16, 2008

Fall leaves sweep by
Caught in the cool gusts of wind
Dancing coyly around an old pair of denim jeans
Walking briskly towards the graveyard
A cigarette tossed upon the ground
Huddle around the warmth
of the last dying embers
Laughing at the irony
in holding hands, shivering
Neck is sore, from lack of weight on shoulders
A 5 o'clock shadow covering
where the traces of a smile still linger
Pleading forward tongue
Grasping Mexico at the hems of her dress
Pleading for the irony
to return
Swept back the phoenix
in bright orange hair
with pale limbs, unrestrained
Unrestricted, swim across campus
in thrift store vintage attire
Incite doctrine with the sound of sneakers
upon pavement


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