Bathe In Blood (For a contest)

by The Herald   Jun 26, 2008

Warriors running through the wasteland
to the castle of the monster
steel gripped tightly in each hand
hoping there to find the cure

breaking through the doors
wood splintering like their skin
stairs lead to many floors
where oh where should you begin?

sweat dripping from each brow
carries their strength from each
didn't feel the sickness so strong till now
saps their health like a leach

unable to flee
from the monsters inside
they run towards the tower
where the evil they fear dost hide

he sees them now
and calls his minions
mindless creatures, oh how?
how many have fallen under his dominion?
and how many will fall until their evil they disavow?

they bathe in blood
that flows from the demons
they fall with a thud
each helps them become free-men

they bathe in the blood
and feel it take over
they bathe in their blood
and like it moreover

they yearn to be free
stripping their armor
they rush up towards me
each is a harmer

i feel the change coming
slivers of silver down my back
my mind is succumbing
prepare for their attack

lunges at me,
i swat him aside
so new in their bodes,
now run they to hide

i catch each of them
not killing so quickly
not a single drop i spill
I'll drink my deep thickly

now spills from their throats
all their surprise
thought they'd live forever
each thought the other his allies

i ease into the pool
so warm right now
they think me a fool
my servants free reign to allow

a higher service they serve though
but they'll never know it
a single change they undergo
to them this I'd never admit

so i bathe in their blood
and let it seep in
i bathe in their blood
as i try to cover my sin...


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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by Lori

    Hey, great job! lol it was alot like a novel! lol I enjoyed it alot! I'm sure you did great in that contest! I love how you put so much creativity into it! Great write!

  • 10 years ago

    by Crystal Rose Blooming

    This was like a novel, a very good one that I enjoyed reading. the imagery was wonderful, the story line creative
    good job

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