Reap what you sow

by Iola   Jun 6, 2009

Unconscious fever
Stop burning my heart so deeply
Unthinkable scream
Leave my ears to listen to Him

The front teeth of the beaver
Chew on a stick so sweetly
Yet his soul is mean
This destruction destroys a dream

Holy households
Never capture me towards your door
I am not welcome
And blood is dripping from you handle

Right before me this life unfolds
It leaves me to crave even more
My heart is a drum
This mountain lit up with a thousand candles

Clinging glasses
Filled with champagne and horrible noise
It drives me insane
Makes me want to leave and let go

I am one flower in a thousand vases
Pouting lips with deadly poise
Drenched in the icicles of my pouring rain
Unwilling to reap what I sow


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  • 9 years ago

    by trippetta TC

    Your lyrical emoting and prose is so elegant and haunting, leaves me wanting more and quite frankly jealous.