My Dark Room

by PinkyPrincess   Jun 29, 2009

I live in a dark room
Where my pain surrounds me.
It's filled with discouragement and gloom
And I'm obviously unhappy.

In this room I have hid,
In this room I have cried.
In this room I am nothing,
In this room I've got no pride.

My room has suffered with me
And darkened with me
For there is no light,
Just like my life.

In my dark room,
The air I breathe
Is the pain that fills my body,
And it engulfs my self-esteem.

My dark room is filled with secrets,
Broken promises and hurtful words.
But my dark room is all I trust
Because it never tells a word.

My dark room knows the truth and the lies,
My dark room hears the cries every night.
My walls are filled with dried-up blood,
My dark room fills my tears that flood.

My dark room hears my screams,
It is always as it seems.
My dark room never changes its mind,
My dark room always has time and is easy to find.

My dark room sent me monsters when I was a child,
But it always scared them away.
My dark room increased my pain,
But it always saved me from the rain.

My dark room is the only thing that's always been there
And it will always be.
My dark room is the only thing that cared
And it's the only thing that knows the real me.

Thank you,
My dark room,
For always being there,
And for staying true.


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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by ThebutterfliesMuse

    You start out so strong and powerful here. The emotion of sadness is so well placed. Yhe simple room where your unhappiness blooms I love the build up to the rest of the poem.

    Second- I actually love the repeated lines of in this room because it works so well here with the feeling. The way you describe your sadness is great. Dark fills your mind and surrounds you.

    Third- the metaphor as the room as the person is great. Saying they have always been there for you! Youhave always suffered all your life and the room is your sancutary

    Fourth- the story is sad and the depression is truly is starting to take over you. Being hard to breathe and your self esteem is low excellent.

    Fifth- I love how you describe the room is your liar and your hurt. I love it because this is where it starts getting good.

    Sixth/seventh. This stanza is chilling and beautiful written for sure. You describe the room as haunting. The room could be a ghost! My room hears my screams that is so well written as you are saying that no one can hear your scream and you are alone.

    8/9/ending- every word you describe this room as is fantastic because it is every bad memory but yet your savior. You are alone but you are not. You are so unique as a writer and this poem proves it. I didnt see any flaws and I love rhyming as is changes. 5

  • 6 years ago

    by andy

    I like this poem i think all bedrooms should be thanked lol think your the first one to do that :) but it was well written i like your style of writting

  • 7 years ago

    by RiseRebelResist

    I like this poem a lot. it describes me perfectly.

  • 8 years ago

    by Rusheena

    Great read and love the personification and flow. Keep up the good work:)

  • 8 years ago

    by White Orchid

    I totally get this poem!! When we go through things, have pain, feel depressed, are angry, or when we are crying uncontrollably, no one sees that, they only see what we want them to. But when we go back to the privacy of our homes, the walls in our room see EVERYTHING! And this poem is completely true. I loved how you made a poem out of this! Great job! 5/5 :)

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