Reflections Of You (Glosa-Verse)

by Italian Stallion   Aug 15, 2009

The cabeza is taken from "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing" by: Shania Twain

"And it only hurts when I'm breathing,
my heart only breaks when it's beating,
my dreams only die when I'm dreaming
so, I hold my breath to forget."

Close my eyes in hope of letting go:
an echo, all I hear are your hellos,
and see your delicate image - cry.
Rain gently falls caressing my face,
a rainbow beautifully glows.
I'll never stop all my believing
and never even ask God why,
instead I'll just smile: Embracing
the very thought of you - I'm dreaming
"and it only hurts when I'm breathing."

Open my eyes it's you I see - I'm Mesmerized;
surrounded each time I see your pretty face,
taken by your beauty in your strides of grace,
upon the picturesque skies afar - I've Memorized.
There were nights when the wind was frigid cold
but I felt warmth when thinking of you, dreaming.
This feeling I have within, I'd never replace,
instead I would cast it in gold, to forever hold.
Maybe I'll cry even let out a sigh, repeating,
"my heart only breaks when it's beating."

My emotions run wild with every reflection,
intertwined like ivy climbing in all directions.
I've dreamt of you from the dawn of day 'till end;
calling your name, I can see you in the distance
revealing all your beauty and tender affection.
Like a fish out of water - Am I breathing?
Please tell me it's real and not pretend,
is it what many call a timeless existence?
Sighing, crying, I can feel my heart beating...
"my dreams only die when I'm dreaming."

A World in motion; Mine, simply frozen,
it's landscape naked: an anemic void,
like a person injecting steroids,
it grows, unable to be forever unfrozen.
I've cried a million tears of sorrow
enclosed, in my room - your silhouette.
This feeling I have within, I can't avoid,
it will last for all my unknown tomorrows.
I, myself will continue to fret,
"so, I hold my breath to forget."

© Copyright 2009 By: Italian Stallion

Glose (or Glosa)

The glose originated in Spain, where it is known as the glosa. It has two parts, which are normally written by different authors.

The first part - the texte or cabeza - consists of a few lines which set the theme for the entire poem. Typically this will be a stanza from a well-known poem or poet - although it is perfectly permissible to write your own texte.

The second part - the glose or glosa proper - is a gloss on, or explanation of, the texte. It takes the form of an ode, with one stanza per line of the texte. Each stanza in turn expands upon its corresponding line of texte, the sixth and ninth lines rhyming with the borrowed tenth.


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  • 9 years ago

    by Second to None

    And it only hurts when I'm breathing,
    my heart only breaks when it's beating,
    my dreams only die when I'm dreaming
    so, I hold my breath to forget."

    ^^ this was an amazing line. it really brought tears to my eye. :)

  • 9 years ago

    by Deana

    You did an excellent job on a form that seems really hard! I love your choice of songs to base it on...a beautiful song! Awesome!

  • This is probably one of the neatest poetry styles I've ever come across. I'll have to try one. :]

    You did a great job of this, everything flowed easily and the words and metaphors used to describe the emotions were perfect. I especially loved the part about the ivy, I loved that line.

    5/5 and a nomination my friend. :]

  • 9 years ago

    by Courageous Dreamer

    Uhmmm WOW? Yes!! You did an amazing job with this, I can only imagine the sadness and emotions that ran through you as you wrote this. But, let me tell you it came out to be a masterpiece. I must say your last two stanzas were very strong, the last one stood out to me the most. This was so very well done, Glosa Verse is not a easy form, but I think you pulled it off amazingly. What a poem.. so heart breaking. :( You did great though, unbelieveable! You should be so proud of yourself for this. I will most definatly nominate it tmrw. Well done Joe!

  • 9 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    This is such a beautiful dedication to her and I know she would have been proud. The form seems very challenging and I really haven't seen many on here, so excellent job for using this form. I have no suggestions, this piece just portrays such sadness and it breaks the reader's heart to hear your words and your emotions. You expressed yourself well though and the descriptions given made this poem so alive and real. A beautiful write, never stop writing..

    God bless and take care!