Lost in the sand

by cory   Sep 13, 2009

Your speeches lift me up
Building me for what's to come
A tragedy unfurled
That left us feeling numb

I threw away my books
Traded up for army green
Picked up my rifle
And worked on looking mean

I was just a boy
Working hard to be a man
I wanted my revenge
So I headed for the sand

The warriors came forward
Smirked ,
And said your hardly a man
But just stick close to us
And we'll show you all we can

Eyes and ears opened wide
As I learned your vengeful ways
You were truly gods of war
Forged by sweat and painful days

You wanted me to live
To survive this frightful test
And I could have never made it
If you guys were not the best

I the clay
A master sculptor
Took me in his hand
As he began to shape me
I knew his plans were grand

Plucked away my fear
Implanted a new craze
And by the time your done
Did not fear the end of days

I look into the mirror
Heart beating like a drum
I try to catch a glimpse
Of the stranger I've become

Tears well in my eyes
No longer could I see
That playful southern boy
From central Tennessee

I start lashing out
And I bite my makers hand
It seems that boy in me
Was cast into the sand

I try to trade it back
To make up for what I've done
But I just accept it
And start living by the gun

I know I can do this
I close my eyes and breathe
I know that I am strong
And have all the tools I need

I step onto the field
Bullets whirring through the air
And for a second I am glad
That southern boy isn't here

My love, my dog, my family
In my mind were trapped
If I lose it for a second
I may never make it back

Dogs of war set free
As I tear this place to bits
I can taste their blood
And I never will forget

I finally made it home
But they'll never understand
Part of me was lost
Forever buried in the sand


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Latest Comments

  • 8 years ago

    by BitterXSweetness

    Poetry is like paintings. Every word is like a stroke of the brush. This is 1 of the best paintings that I've read in a long time. Poetry was starting 2 get so cliche 4 me. Lost love, depression, death, etc.... It was all the same but this was so beautiful. I have nothing negative 2 say. I don't know any1 that's been out 2 war but I'm sure this is what they feel. U painted such a deep picture in my head, that it made me feel like I was there, that I could almost relate. Not many poets can do that the way u did. I can honestly say that u seem 2 b a natural artist my friend. That was wonderful. A complete 5/5 without a doubt!

  • 9 years ago

    by groovydude

    WOW!!! How incredibly done, the real insight of a soldier. Thank you for your courage and putting it into words. Thank you for my freedom

  • 9 years ago

    by Em

    OMG, I like how this poem tells us of a story that boy soldiers come back from the war and they have changed into men. I like your choice of words. 5/5, Em x

  • 9 years ago

    by Tammi

    Wow this is so to the point and right on I have had many friends go to war and come back changed and I think everyone needs to read this to understand y they changed great work 5/5